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November, 2012 Opening Links

Important note:  IHSN changed to a new internet service recently.

While I have placed all back issues on the new service
Internet hawaiishellnews.Org
Links in older issues to other issues have not been changed.

Open an IHSN issue

Open Small turrids of Taiwan

Open an Acrobat copy of  the printed Hawaiian Shell News from 1960 to 1996
      Open HSN/1965/ 6501.pdf      . 

Full address is:  http://www.internethawaiishellnews.Org/HSN/1965/6501.pdf
These documents occupy up to 12 megabytes and take some time to open
Note: 1996 has only even numbered months
Modify the above code for the desired year and month.

Baja Mexico

Bohol Philippines    Bohol trip   Families A to B    Families C to D    Families E to Z

Columbellidae Book  Both HTML and Acrobat versions

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