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14-5 Colissella acutapex (Berry, 1960)

Apertural view. Compared to C. atrata,
the major ribs and inter­stices are both white and external ribs and threads have less effect on the margins. The foot crawling surface is much paler yellow, though the interior of the mouth is a similar orange color. 910720BS

14-6 C. atrata

Anterior. The mantle is very pale yellow and has a margin that corresponds in shape with the shell margin.  The mouth central cavity has a conical protrusion with a central dimple and crease. Radiating from the orifice are closely spaced fine crepe-like fins. The tentacles are white and fine cones. The attachment to the shell structure is white and barely seen below the proboscis. The eyes were not seen.  910720BS

14-11. F. obscura ??

Anterior view. Seen around the margins are branched and frilly edges of the mantle not described in Keen for any family. These appear to be similar to gills and are yellow. The animal differs considerably from C. atrata. 910720BS

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Baja 6