0904 Feature-7        Kidnapping Art

From the "Manila Standard" of
Thursday, April 3, 1997, page
15, OPINION Section B.
Cops 'n 'nappers.
By Jullier Yap Daza.
POLICEMEN are all but
helpless in the crackdown. on
kidnapping because higher
1. Know too much.
2. Know little.
3. Know nothing.
As things now stand in the
Philippines that is not the
kidnapping capital of Asia, the
war against kidnapping
syndicates has reached a stage
where there is
1. No change.
2. No improvement.
3. No difference.
4. No news.
Intelligence agents are
surprised to have told media
that there are
1. 157
2. 175
3. 77
4. All of the above
soldiers and policemen on
above duty who have been
identified as members of
kidnapping gangs.
If that is the case and higher
authorities have the numbers
and the names, what is stopping
them from arresting the
1. "Because the report is still
being validated."
2. Because when it comes to
intelligence, there is a
countervailing force called

counterintelligence, and no one
can tell the difference.
3. Because some agents don't
know how to count.
4. Because some agents don't
know how to effect an arrest,
especially of a brother officer.
The crackdown on kidnappers
will focus on
1. Giving the PNP surveillance
and communications gear.
2. Catching the masterminds (if
they only had a name, an
address and a color picture of
3. Numerology.
Why has kidnapping become
such a menace?
1. Victims are afraid to
cooperate with the police.
2. Victims are afraid of the
3. The police are afraid of the
Which group are the
kidnappers afraid of?
2. PNP
3. NBI
6. Task Force Dragon
Z Teresita Ang See
9. ABB
10. None of the above.
How do kidnap victims
recover from the trauma?
1. By moving abroad.

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