A range extension for Spondylus lima, Chenu 1845

Spondylus lima Chenu, 1845 is a small species, rather rare, coming from the Japanese province.
The news about this species are rather scarce, given the lack of available material, and often, this species has been the subject of misidentification.
The main features that make it quite recognizable are: ovate and slightly oblique shell,  right valve slightly deeper than the left,  margin smooth, ears very unequal,color yellow, pink-purple, deeper umbonally, with some white areas, many ribs with numerous short and depressed spines ,interstices with finer ribs and smaller spines. This species is similar to Spondylus occidens Sowerby, 1903 also in its variant, with longer spines,  Spondylus occidens var. jamarci Okutani,1991, but the two species, in my opinion, are very different.
Months ago, I received from the  well known Hawaiian dealer Chris Takahashi a strange Spondylus which immediately aroused my interest. I made ??sure that the Spondylus came from Hawaii (Mr. Takahashi gave me confirmation of this), I considered carefully the characteristics of the shell and  compared the specimen with  the scarce images of Spondylus lima, taken from the two books by Lamprell and from  the book by Chenu , though, in the latter  text, it is only designs, and concluded that it is very likely that this is Spondylus lima.
In fact, the specimen is very different from other species in the area.. In particular, it is very similar to the picture of Spondylus lima published in Lamprell's first book "Spondylus", 1986.  It might therefore be an interesting extension of the range of this small species.
Any comments from other collectors is welcome.
Dr. Michele Dardano
Via Petrarca 43
71122 Foggia Italy
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A range extension for Spondylus Lima by Dr. Dr. Michele Dardano
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