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Mollusks of Madang  Papua New Guinea (PNG)
Introduction & Comments
Wesley M. Thorsson
1 October, 1994

This set of articles provides photographic and written descriptions of the common shells of Madang, Papua New Guinea (PNG) reef flats and the environment in which they are found.

Madang Province of PNG is on the large island of New Guinea near the center of the north coast.
Madang is the principal city and of the province. A barrier reef extends from Madang on the south to Sec Harbor on the north as far as 1.2 nautical miles off shore. A sparse chain of islands is on or just inside the reef and numerous small unmarked reefs dot the lagoon making navigation at night more interesting.

Madang is a relatively large town with a good number of stores carrying most items desired by visitors and natives. Small busses provide fairly frequent transportation to main villages in the area at moderate cost (about $ 35.00). There is a wide variety of hotel accommodations from native cottage rooms to air-conditioned first class motel rooms with a cost varying with quality.

Two resorts provide the majority of accommodations for diving activities: Madang Lodge motel
located on the harbor entrance channel, and Jais Aben Resort, located on the mainland, about 10 km north of  Madang. Our first hotel, like the majority was on the coast south of Madang center and has a 4 meter lava cliff with no shallow reef. Most of our visit was spent on Siar Island inside the lagoon. Two native accommodations are available at low cost, with Simon Tewa's recommended. Meals are included in the daily rate and are quite satisfactory.

No electricity is available. (With taxes and exchange charges, One US$ buys (about 0.91 K (kina). Jais
Aben resort rates are moderate (K60) with non-air-conditioned large duplex cottages and the restaurant is quite good.
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