The reefs generally have a wide variety of corals usually in good condition, though some dynamiting was seen on the channel edge of Kranket Island.  The barrier reef provides quite calm conditions in the lagoon, particularly on the west side of islands. "Christmas tree worms" are present on most large corals in unusual quantities and in exceptional color variations within small areas.

Mollusks are present in the sand in shallow water in fairly large numbers with a strong tendency to make trails in the sand shortly after low tide during the day.  Shells normally found on or under rocks and coral rubble are often missing in large areas, probably due to over collecting for food and ornaments. Cypraea, often the most desired family by collectors are unusually scarce.
Cypraea annulus were quite scarce to rare in most areas. Most unusually, I found no live Cypraea moneta though a small number of dead shells were seen. This is reflected by my retention of more than usual proportion of dead Cypraea.

My collecting activities for this trip by my wife, Elizabeth Thorsson, and myself were during the period of 6 June, 1994 to 30 June, 1994, mostly spent near Siar Island, usually snorkeling on a different reef location each day for I to 2 hours. Betty collected a number of near-shore shells and assisted considerably in photography and reminders to measure shells and in maintenance of records. Permission from clan chiefs to snorkel on residential islands is desirable. Usually we relied on the advise of the boat driver. Jais Aben has rental agreements with Wongat and Paeowai Islands only. Off the resorts, outboard boats can be hired by the trip for a reasonable price, though punctuality is not characteristic. Boats are most often overloaded and often without gasoline or anchors. We hired a U-drive outrigger canoe for K5 per day for travel to nearby reefs. A few outboard boats are available for rent.

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