Sights around Majuro

After arrival at Hotel Marshall Islands we inspected the ocean reef behind the hotel and refamiliarized ourselves with the neighborhood. The hotel is situated on a street parallel to the main road from Rita to Laura and is about in line with the business district for the atoll. The particular area on the main road is referred to as the financial district in some advertisements for hotels. The financial district comprises the 1 and 2 story buildings housing the Bank of the Marshall Islands, and Bank of Guam. Both are modern establishments. See map in front of this album

Photo MN1-14. Hotel Marshall Islands is new and is undergoing finishing work     Siding was completed during the next week.

Photo MN1-15. Marshal Islands Club is to the leftof the hotel and extends under the hotel and sports a Notice that it is "Off limits to Military Personnel due
too much cold beer and hot women"

The street leading to the club is narrow and frequent rains usually keep puddles of water refreshed.

Residences along the road vary from the above  high priced home

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